Sunday, October 9, 2011


Okay so I thought its probably time to update, sorry for being so slack. So I've been in Perth, Australia for a whole week now and am feeling pretty settled in...Loving being back in the Australian laid back culture, such a cool country. I live in a room with about 20 girls, and am sleeping on a top bunk for the first time in like 20 something years, but surprisingly, its been really fun, not at all as crazy as it sounds like it would be. As usual with YWAM, I'm loving that I get to meet so many people from so many different just brings so much flavor to life! This base is about half the size of the one in Kona so that has proven to be quite nice as you definetely get to know more people and feel like part of a family. A lot of things are different from Kona, and some are taking some getting used to, but all in all, I do really like it here. There are a couple girls in my class that I know from my time in SBS in Kona so that has been SUCH a blessing when I'm feeling homesick for Kona.
As far as my studies go, I am completely LOVING it. It seems like a dream come true to finally be beginning my journey into becoming a counselor. Last week we were taught on "Foundations in Counselling" by the dean of the university, Brad Tout. This week we are studying 'the nature and character of God' with a guy named Richard Blake, who is both hilarious and deep and insightful. I am loving, loving, loving it...I feel beyond blessed to be so blessed to be here, studying something I am so passionate about, in such a cool place as Perth, with such awesome people.
Still praying in my finances and asking God to show me for creative ways to fund raise, I know He will provide but I want to make sure I am doing my part to get there.
My work duty (2 hours we serve each day on base outside of our school) I am in the registration office doing filing, etc, which has been such a blessing, as most of my class is on dish duty. I don't know why I got so blessed as to be able to work in the office instead..but im not complaining! The registration people are so fun and it is so nice to get to know some new people outside of class.
Oh, and today they served pumpkin pie, only for the Canadians...missing my family a lot today.
So,happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian loved ones!
I'll keep you guys posted on the happs around here..
heres some photos and Kangaroo videos just for my favorite boys, Benji and Seth...because they couldn't come with me.. at least they could see them on video :)