Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the epic garage sale.

So, this post is very late. I think this event was at least 6 weeks ago already, but since it was so epic, I wanted to still share it. I don't even know if anyone reads this much now that I'm home but I know I will love looking back on it and being reminded of God's faithfulness in the years to come. A while back, my sister Alissa had this idea to have a garage sale as a fundraiser for me. I still had debt to pay off from my last missions experience and it was hanging over my head a bit. My sister is one of those people who just gets things done, and so she and my awesome sister in law Jaclyn set to work. We asked friends if they'd like to donate anything to sell, and I was shocked by the amount of stuff that came in! really nice stuff too- seemed like everytime i went outside there was a new pile of goodness sitting in front of the garage! Garage sale day we were up bright and early to a beautiful sunny summer day! We were so may think that's lame but the Hennan family loves a good garage sale. Plus it ended up being super fun- tons of people I hadn't had the chance to see yet came by to support the cause and buy some clothes/appliances/other random things, and so I got to see so many faces. Most of my family was there too, which always makes me happy. I am always amazed at the way my family/friends/even people that hardly know me will go to such lengths to support the ministry God has called me to do. I felt so extremely loved on this beautiful Saturday. In the end when the money was counted, I couldn't believe it. It was enough to almost completely pay off my debt, giving me a clean slate to start saving for my future time with YWAM. It was the hugest relief and I just wanted to cry. God is sooooo good, and people in my life are soooooo incredibly generous and supportive. Thanks a million to every person who had any part in this fundraiser. You all make my life better.

Saturday morning...ready to go.

My neices were pretty stoked

This was towards the end of the day....

wouldn't you buy something half price from these cuties??

my neices helped me roll the change...a fun afternoon activity surprisingly