Thursday, May 3, 2012

Okay, so I have been an extremely pathetic blogger. I actually didn't realize anyone really read my blog until I got back home 2 weeks ago and people keep saying things like "I feel like I know you, because I read your blog all the time." Oops. So then I started feeling pretty bad that I've been pretty lame on the whole communication side of things. My laptop died a few months ago and now that I'm home and have computer access, I don't even know where to start! where did I leave off? I think I had just left London, which feels like years ago now. Since then I went to Thailand, Cambodia, back to Australia, and then finally to my favorite place on earth, Hawaii, and then home. It has been a ton of fun. I was completing my counseling school outreach in Cambodia, and it was amazing. We stopped first in Bangkok for 2 days where I got to see some old and very close friends, Andrea and Alejandro, who just happened to be at the same base we were. Sooo weird to meet up with my friends from Kona in about seeing people out of context! So that was an extra special gift from God. Then we got in vans and drove 12ish hours into Pnom Phen, Cambodia. It was a long, squishy, sweaty ride to put it nicely, but we survived. Cambodia was really amazing, but its really hard to put it into words honestly.
So instead of words, here are a few pictures of that time that I 'borrowed' from my friend Loe's blog (don't hate me Loe)...being that my laptop won't turn on, its kinda hard to get pictures off of it. But Loe's the photographer of the group, so her pictures are much better than mine anyways~ here are a few:
our team on a cambodian style taxi (AKA tuk tuk)

me with some ridiculously cute village kids. Not loving the sweat pants and headband look I'm rocking here, but this is just how I roll in the middle of a Cambodian village with the only shower being in a wide open field under a mango tree.

love this one of our street in Pnom Phen.

Looking at these pictures, I really miss this place. Such an incredible country with such a dark past. I loved the people there, they were so friendly and kind. Being that I was part of a counseling school, I definetely had my eyes and ears open for any opportunities God might bring me to minister to the people in this way. As a result, I was able to hear life stories, struggles, joys, pains, etc, from lots of Cambodian people, both Christian and Bhuddist. I got to teach on what it means to value yourself as a person uniquely created in the image of God. This was really surreal for me, as not too long ago I was the lost soul drinking in these exact kinds of teachings. But that is one of the many cool things about God...He takes us full circle and redeems our past hurts/mistakes beyond our wildest imagination. I think I fall more in love with my creator with each day that goes by. Anyways, like I said, it's very hard to put the experience into words. I don't know where to start at all. My sister Nikki says that if I would just get on this thing more often, i wouldn't have that 'I don't know where to start' feeling. hmm..interesting point. I will have to work on that. But until then, for those of you who want to know more about my outreach to Cambodia, London, etc. just call/text/facebook me, I'm in Portage for the summer. My time in Cambodia completed my Foundations in Counseling school. I returned to Perth for debrief week. It was amazing to see all my friends there in one place and be able to process about the good/bad/interesting times had on outreach. Saying goodbye always sucks though, and there were MANY tears as usual. Man, will I ever get better at getting less attached to people? I don't really honestly think so. Destined to a life of sad goodbyes. But, if they weren't sad, then I think that means you didn't really have that good of a time. So I guess I'm glad goodbyes are sad, they're sad because the times you had together were so good. Here are a couple pictures of my last week in Australia:
last night with the crew on the beach.

After Australia, I was THRILLED to return to my homeland of Hawaii, and see some of my favorite people on Earth. You'll have to wait to hear about that, because I'm afraid this update is getting waaaay too long, and my sister and her 4 small children will be knocking on the door at any minute. :)
The latest in my life is that I am back to my beauty roots and working at "FOIL" salon here in Portage la Prairie. I love working with the amazing women there,what a great crew. On my first day back last week I was still experiencing a lot of 'reverse culture shock' at being back home, combined with a horrible cold, and was basically just feeling awful in more ways than 1. Had about 3 breakdowns within 1 afternoon, after which they put a feather in my hair and bought me pizza. Not much in life cheers a girl up like a feather hair extension and pizza with your favorite girls. Am I right or am I right ladies? Like I said, I love my co workers and boss.  And meeting up with clients from the past! I will be here over the summer until I go back to the Univeristy of the Nations to finish my Bachelors in Counseling this fall. Yup so thats the scoop. 
Peace and much love <3