Thursday, September 15, 2011

a little bit of Tauranga life...

Here's a few photos of Tauranga so far. I got to teach Inductive Bible Study to a group of dts ers, and it was so much fun! I've never experienced a group of students before who caught on to the method so quickly...We were using the book of Philemon and they were pulling out all these amazing interpretations and application points...I was so impressed! The experience really re affirmed to me how much I love Bible teaching, and really pray that God will continue to use me in this area...I left that night so full of joy and was so blessed by the whole experience. It's amazing how when you give out, you totally get blessed in return so much...I feel like I got way more blessed than I ever could have blessed them! After I finished teaching, the whole group of students and staff gathered around me and prayed blessings over my life and my next step, going to Perth to study. Lately there've been some days when I've been a bit discouraged over a few things about being in missions, and I feel that God really used this experience to remind me how much I truly love YWAM and am so privileged to be a part of it...I really needed this this week and so it was really great timing.
In other news- Canada beat Tonga in the Rugby World Cup this week!!! Last month I didn't even know we had a Rugby team..ha ha, so it's pretty shocking how proud I am of our boys now that they've beaten Tonga! :)
Tonight I'm doing a 'spa night' fundraiser to raise funds for my next step...praying it goes well.
Other than that, it's my last weekend in Tauranga before heading off to Auckland to visit my friend Alana..and then... PERTH! I'm so excited!!!

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