Tuesday, November 22, 2011

on Saturday...

So, as a Counseling school, we leave for outreach to London and Cambodia in 4 weeks, and have roughly a million dollars to raise before then (slight exaggeration). We are trusting God to do it, as He always does, in His own way. It has been a great lesson in faith, and continues to be. However, we in ywam also believe in doing our part. Asking God what He would like us to do to see this outreach take place, and to receive break through in the area of finances. We prayed as a class, and someone had the idea of a pizza making/selling fundraiser. So that’s what we did for most of the day Saturday, made/sold/delivered pizzas. It ended up being really fun, everyone loved our pizzas, and I think God really blessed our efforts! Here are some pictures of the blessed event for your enjoyment:

always important to wear matching outfits while baking bread dough.

Then, because we felt we hadn’t done quite enough fundraising for one day, my friends Courtney, Cody, and I decided to embark on a pancake selling adventure. You see, our dorm is about 10 steps away from the Stadium where all the concerts all held here in Perth. This is pretty cool, as we can often hear really well known bands from right outside our door. So, this particular Saturday night, Kings of Leon was performing, and we thought there might be some hungry concert goers. We finished cleaning up all the stuff from the pizza fundraiser at 8, and then had about 1 hour total to prep our own little fundraiser. So it was a mad dash to make a million pancakes, and find a cardboard box to make a sign out of (we had to make do). Then, we walked over and began the pancake sales. I will say it ended up being one of the most hilarious experiences I’ve had in a while. We met the most random people, some of whom really didn’t believe that we were actually fundraising to go overseas to counsel women. Apparantly it’s not all that common for 3 young girls to sell pancakes at a concert to raise money for a missions trip. J I even had one guy say to me, ‘ you know, that sounds like a really wholesome thing that you’re doing, and I’d love to believe you….’ In the end though, who cares if he didn’t believe me because he still bought pancakes. It was awesome, and Courtney even scored a t shirt from a grumpy old man who seemed to be willing to do just about anything to not have to buy our pancakes!
We had a great time, I haven’t laughed that much for a long time, and we did our part, which is what its all about.
Hope you like these photos of the evening:

my very ghetto sign


  1. this. is. awesome.

  2. agreed, although I am a little surprised to see rachel in a kitchen - she even looks at home there! way to go rachel & crew!