Thursday, January 12, 2012


greetings from London!!
Its been almost 2 weeks now since I attempted to board the plane in Perth to come here to London, only to be told that my flight had been unexplaineably cancelled. And yes, just my flight. So, I waved my team off and went back to my dorm in Perth, and headed off to the beach with my friend Courtney. And yes, I still made it to London, just 1 day late. I guess God knows that I consider flying to be my alone time, and it is pretty much the only alone time I get in this crazy life, so that worked out! So, after 2 days travel I finally made it here!! My leaders and friend Marlin picked me up at the airport, and we made the long treck to our little home. We are living in a very, very old Kenyan church in a bureau called Newham. I love it. I share a room with only 1 person instead of 25. It is bliss. There are 7 of us on our team, all girls, and they are all really wonderful. As soon as I arrived, we began reading through the Bible, in shifts, all day and all throught the night, from Genesis to Revelation. It reminded me a lot of my SBS, reading through whole books at a time, and I loved it. We do this as a way of claiming the ground where we are living for God. Then we started prayer walking throughout Newham, meeting with pastors, going to church services in partial Swahili, Portugese, and English (who needs to leave London to experience muli culture?!), and in general trying to narrow down what areas of ministry we feel led to focus in on. This weekend we will be serving at a night shelter at our church, as well as helping out with kids programs....should be crazy! today was our day off and so me and 3 friends went into central London to see all the main attractions. I think we walked for like 9 hours or something. But we saw a lot´- Big Ben, London Bridge, the London Eye, parliament, Westminster name a few. I will put up some pictures was an amazing day, I LOVE exploring. So thats the latest, I will give you some more details as soon as I know them! thanks a million to all of you wonderful people who helped me to get here...I am loving it. god is at work in a HUGE way in this little bureau, and I am so blessed to be a part of it. In other news, I'm getting extremely impatient to hear news of my new neice- my sister could be having her 4th baby at any time now and I am dying here!! so excited!

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  1. so great to hear an update! sounds awesome!
    i'm getting extremely impatient to hear some news on this baby too! make sure i have a phone number that will work baby sister- i'll call you as soon as we have some exciting news to share!
    love you so much!!!
    xoxoxo nik