Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bonding with the students

yet another carwash to raise finances for another staff....you gotta make these things fun :)

one of my students Kalyne

me and 2 of my small group girls..love them!

these are 2 of my students..its going to be an interesting year.

Just a few pictures of life recently. I've been getting to know my students, and finding they are such fun and genuine people. I've been so blessed by their friendships already! I started holding my small group last week and it went really well. I have 3 young girls under the age of 21 in my group, and they are such beauties! I feel so blessed that God has entrusted me to take care of these girls in whatever ways I can. Please pray for wisdom for me as they allow me to mentor them and speak into their lives, that I would be able to give them wisdom that comes from God...cuz I really don't have much of my own! ;)
We just finished Exodus, now onto Leviticus! Love grading students work and helping them figure out what they're doing.
Still apartment hunting, not having much luck. It's frusterating, but trusting God has the perfect place.
Thanks for your prayers....lots of love.


  1. rachel, I pray that God will bless you with wisddom beyond your years and experience, and that He will give you the right and perfect things to say to your small group girls. You will be a blessing to them, He will use you and your experiences to heal you and them!
    I love you so much.
    xoxox mamama

  2. rachel, this post makes me cry every time I read it - I know that God is using you and ministering to these girls through you!
    I love you so much.