Monday, March 7, 2011


my love
beautiful scenery
loved these baby chickens everywhere!
Ben invited me to the beautiful island of Kauaii for his good friends wedding on the weekend. So we took the short flight over there and arrived on Thursday.  His good friend Scott was kind enough to take us in, and this was the beginning of a very random, yet awesome weekend…. We did a bunch of wedding errands, saw a bit of scenery, I somehow ended up attending the Bachelor party, like I said…it was random. But I was so blessed by Ben’s amazing group of friends there, with the kindness they showed me and also just the testimonies of their own lives. The wedding was on the beach, and the half hour ceremony was the only time it stopped raining the whole weekend! Such a gift from the Lord, and such a beautiful wedding. All in all, we had a great time. I got home last night, and he stayed in Kauaii for a few extra days with friends.
Looking forward to a new week, studying the book of Zechariah
Also, its been so fun to have my parents here, and now, the Irwins as well! Can’t wait to play tour guide…
Lots of love and aloha, thanks for reading

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  1. wish i could have been there just to see the baby chickens.... look soooo cute!
    love you sista