Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break is here. It's been an amazing semester, so hard so many times but so good. Learning so much. Had my last small group with my 3 girls today...as of next quarter we will no longer have small group but outreach planning groups. It was sad, I've been so blessed by our times together. And it just marks the beginning of the end of such an amazing season of life. How good God is and how blessed I've been.  We are planning outreach full force now and I'm getting so excited. I'll be leaving for Fiji on July 5 (because that's when my U.S Visa expires :) I'm taking a team of 3 and am so excited for what God has for us there.
My mom and dad were here for a month and it was so great to have them around, being able to be part of my world here. Sad to see them go.
Ben and I leave tomorrow for Seattle...looking forward to getting to know his family.
Here are a few random photos of life lately
sunset with the parents


my friend Jo and me


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  1. love this post.
    you are beautiful and happy.