Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aloha again Hawaii...

After a few very long flights, I finally reached my destination. I didn't sleep at all on the plane despite Nikki's prescription drugs that she promised would knock me right out...not so much Nik! :) Anyways, my friend Ray picked me up at the airport and took me back to campus, where I unpacked and got settled in. Had a pretty decent sleep and then started staff orientation today. Met some cool people and heard some really great speakers. It is so good to be back. I love everything about this place.


  1. except that I'm not there, how can you love that? so glad you're settled in and had a good night sleep.

  2. hi chickie, just got on this thing....
    I'll make sure my friends have looked..
    talk to you soon.
    praying for you.