Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Camping madness

the whole group

our make shift surf board table..
cool right?

watching the guys surf from our campsite
my beautiful German friend Jo

Here are a few pics of my most recent adventure. Last weekend me and some new friends went camping at a place called Pololu valley. The guys are all big into surfing so we went to this place because it had the best waves apparantly? Either way, we weren't complaining, as their "secret" camp spot was up on a hill over looking the ocean. It was a full weekend of good food, friends, watching them surf, waking up at 5 am to watch a sunrise that never came, cutting down my first tree with an ax (great therapy by the way!) :) and just an overall great time. I feel so blessed to have met such great people in such a beautiful place. What was I ever worried about? God is SOOOOO good!

On a seperate note, the students arrive in 2 days!! ten million things to do until then so a little stressed. please pray for calm, and that I would be able to prepare my teaching for next week in the midst of this madeness...
thanks for reading


  1. I think Ken would be interested in the ax therapy...

  2. who is ken? toews?
    love your posts rach.