Friday, November 19, 2010

my weekend in Maui...

Linda and me

random guy spray painted pictures for us...pretty cool!

Linda and Steve

me and Linda and a huge banyan tree

Linda and Steve gifted me with an amazing weekend in Maui last weekend. It was so great to see friends from home. We had a great time, catching up and seeing the island. Thanks again Linda and Steve, it was such a refreshing weekend that truly blessed me!


  1. rachel! who would EVER have thought to wear a floral skirt and a striped shirt?!! not me. but you are ROCKING it. i seriously love your style. and i am SERIOUSLY saddened that you are not here to help me figure out something to wear to Oliver's baby dedication tomorrow. here it is 10:36pm (what the H am i doing up this late?!!?) and i'm rifling through the whole house trying to find something and YOU KNOW i'm just going to wear jeans and a tshirt. sigh.
    i love you.
    wish you were in my basement.

  2. glad you had such a nice time in Maui, thanks to linda and steve from me too!