Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Home!

Sorry I know it has been awhile, things have been a little crazy here in Kona! God totally hooked me up with the perfect apartment, literally right across the street from my classroom and office here on campus. I moved in last week, and my best friend from my SBS, Janice, arrived on Sunday afternoon and moved in. We are slowly furnishing it with garage sale findings, donations from other people etc…It actually doesn’t look that bad all things considered! We’re still sleeping on air mattresses but it’s actually pretty comfy! I LOVE having a home, and am soo grateful that God provided us with this place, at exactly the right price, in exactly the right location. School is going great as well…we just finished up on Deuteronomy. There have been a lot of emotions and tears among the girls in my small group, and that has been hard. I know God gave me my soft heart, but sometimes it’s really hard because I feel others pain so deeply! The girls in my small group share with me about how much they are struggling and how hard the school is and I cry with them because it’s like I feel their emotions. So strange, but it’s like God has given me this huge heart just for them and it’s like He’s given me His love for them and His eyes to see them. Wow, such a privilege to be able to walk beside these students. One thing that it’s really done for me is remind me just how much God worked in my heart and transformed my life during my SBS. As they share their struggles, I’m reminded that I don’t struggle in these areas much anymore, and how much I did before my SBS. I’m amazed everyday to be reminded of how the Word of God literally set me free. He is so good.
We leave tomorrow for “Wilderness Wanderings”….it’s a 2 day trip where we stay in cabins and wander the wilderness like the Israelites. I’m really looking forward to getting away, and having time to just bond and be with my students. Please pray for safety, unity among the group, and a time to form deeper friendships centered around God.
I will put up pictures of my new place soon!
To my family- I am homesick for you guys. I wish you were all here.
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support


  1. Ahhhhh. FINALLY.
    So glad to hear about your new place and I'm so happy Janice is there with you now. Can't wait for pictures!
    Have fun wandering the wilderness!

  2. Don't get lost wandering in the winderness and be stuck there for 40 years! I love you so much and I'm homesick for you too, I can't wait to spend a month with you there!
    You have a wonderful, soft heart and God will use it greatly for His glory...
    I miss you
    xoxox mamamama