Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wandering the wilderness...

slip and slide!!

sooo fun!

students carrying Moses' bones

So we have returned from the Wilderness! It poured rain for 2 days which was quite ironic as we were supposed to be desert wandering… It was an amazing couple of days though. God was really at work in my heart and it really felt like a personal retreat with God in a way. Also, it was great bonding with my students. I got the chance to get to know some girls that I hadn’t had a chance to yet, and it was so refreshing! I know these bonds will last through the whole school so I’m really thankful to have had these couple days together to get to know each other.  We had the students act out the book of Numbers, which proved to be quite amusing! All in all, it was a great time…loved having so much time to get to know students, pray with eachother, spend time in worship, and just be with God.  Oh, and since it poured rain and we didn’t know what else to do with our time, we set up a huge tarp, got some dish soap, and had a full on slip and slide…don’t think I’ve done this since I was like 8 or something, but I will be doing it again! It was SOO fun!


  1. hi rachie, sounds like so much fun, pictures are great! glad you are bonding with the students and God!

  2. only it wasn't jaclyn that said this, it is your mamamamaa

  3. Rach, you're the cutest thing ever!