Thursday, July 21, 2011

1 week left in Fiji!

thanks for all the prayers, things are going good here in fiji. we moved to Suva which is a bigger city. we have been so blessed by the people here (and fed very well :) lots of teaching, and thats been really fun. I got to teach a Bible study on 2 Peter 2 nights ago to a bunch of Fijian people and we had such a great time. They have us booked solid here with preaching/teaching/visiting etc. I can't believe we leave for Samoa in 1 week, finally returning to the homeland after 8 years! im soooo excited. I'll put up a more detailed update tomorrow hopefully! missing home and the fam so much these days, you're all in my prayers. thank you for ALL the support and love to all reading, a lot of you have made this experience possible for me. Much love

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  1. missing you sweetie and praying for you so much, enjoy god's blessings on this time in your life!
    love mamamaaa