Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fiji :)

So I'm here!! don't have long but just wanted to update that I arrived here safe and sound. We are staying at a very random village in the middle of nowhere with a pet goat...it is extremely random. So far this week we are prepping all of our Bible teaching. which has been going really well.  The base leader here has really challenged us to get to know the staff here and pour out what we have learned and take the opportunity to bless them. This morning one of my students, Catherine, spoke on the life of Nehemiah and learning to live by faith. It was SO challenging, the presence of God was sooo strong, so many tears were shed in the room. Tomorrow we will run a day for kids in the community and teach them Bible stories. This weekend we get introduced to the churches which we will be teaching at next week...so exciting. There is 1 other American girl here (the rest of the staff are Fijian), and I've been so blessed by getting to know her....she is here teaching the Fijians to raise/butcher there own chickens so they can not only feed themselves, but have a business so that they can sustain themselves. I have been SO shocked and convicted by how little these people have, and how much I never even realize I take for granted...God is teaching me what it means to be generous and love people and what it really means.  It sure has given me a whole new perspective on everything.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers- please continue to pray for team unity. also, finances for one of my students, Catherine. We are still believing for money to come in for her to be able to come with us to Samoa in 3 weeks.
Bula Vinaka!

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  1. love to hear about what's going on rach- can't wait to see some pictures!